Gwiazdozbiór – Aleksandra Grącka-Baczyńska oraz Bartłomiej Gąsior – Poland

The Universe, filled with unlimited space of time, matter, and the laws of physics, becomes the birthplace of the stars. Thick clouds of gas drifting in the cosmic space transform their matter through disturbances of bow shocks and increasing temperature, which makes them a star. This space becomes a starting point for the love in William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” which was the main inspiration for this performance. The artists who make up the spectacle “Gwiazdozbiór” move in a space of a limitless universe and their limitless love contained in a created reality founded on trust, support and unwritten rules, which enable their communication. The artists’ common space is a reflection of their life together, the hardships they encounter and how they deal with them. The performance describes a symbiosis of two persons – celestial bodies which make up a double body. The viewer can follow the whole process starting with the beginnings of their love through mutual interaction and finally death. Just like the start, the heroes go through the process of birth, life and burn down, whilst creating a double meaning.

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