Po drugiej stronie Wisły – Teatr OdRuchu – Poland

Some say everything is better in Scandinavia. The food tasted better, boys are more handsome, a the Baltic Sea seems warmer. But to pass a judgement on that one needs to go to Scandinavia. Meanwhile on the other side of the Vistula river we witness the posthumous birth of a Polish Adonis. One day the fast-flowing current of the river carried away six seemingly unrelated people and threw them to the shore – on the other side. Where are the heroes of the performance and is it a coincidence that they are there together? Despite a great number of differences, they definitely have one thing in common – their nationality. But what is nationality in the face of death? How does one evaluate their life and the earth they once walked on from the perspective of fait accompli? Is the national Adonis’ fight justified? To pass a judgement on that it is not enough to go to Scandinavia. You have to go there – to the other side of the Vistula River.

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