Wanda Wasilewska – Aleksandra Skorupa – Poland

What would happen if Wanda Wasilewska came to us 56 years after her own death? What could she say? What could she miss? How would she look at Poland today? Can she be called a tragical character just because she was Stalin’s lover and a traitor of her motherland? The performance is an attempt to “humanise” a statue and give the benefit of doubt to the unambiguous opinion about the protagonist’s behaviour. For anyone born after 1989 this performance might be a chance to get to know this person, who is practically absent from the history lessons. The text is written from three perspectives. First it is year 2019, we then move to the pre-war period and the 50s, when Wanda was politically active on the largest scale. The biography of a single person is connected to the history of a country. Wasilewska becomes a somewhat tragic hero, though the artists do not attempt to unbrass her.

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